Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul, i think these are the attributes that separate Rock from Pop,(Nirvana from Lady Gaga) the latter is more widely and aggressively promoted by major music companies,  for obvious reasons.(Cause they are Ass-Holes who don't know shit about real music.)

Here are are few songs, which I think, have a lot of Heart and Soul!!!

Outside has got to be one of Aaron Lewis' best performances, It happened Eleven years ago, when during a concert he first officially performed the song and finished it then and there, Live!!!
The lines, the chorus, cut right through you and you cant help but feel the pain in him. I think its one of the most "raw" videos ever made for a song.
"I’m on the outside
I’m looking in
I can see through you
See your true colors
Cause inside you’re ugly
You’re Ugly like me
I can see through you
See to the real you"

This is another one, "Its Been a While" another heart breaker. I like to think of it more as a redemption song.
"It's been a while since i could say that i wasn't addicted and
It's been a while
Since I could say I love myself as well and
It's been a while
Since I've gone and fucked things up just like i always do
It's been a while
But all that shit seems to disappear when i'm with you
But everything I can't remember as fucked up as it may seem
the consequences that I've rendered
I've gone and fucked things up again"

A very powerful song, and to sing it live, only goes to show how much raw talent is required if you don't sing using extensive voice modulation. (Like Gaga or Bieber, for example)

Now, for one of my absolute favourites.
"Broken" by Seether, not the one with Amy Lee.
I think, its enough, to win back any girl, with this song!!!

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