Friday, April 1, 2011

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: God Is An Astronaut

Every once in a while you stumble upon a sample of music that just doesn't sound ordinary. It has the kind of feel, that emotes mutual understanding. As if for a blissful few minutes, time ceases to exist and you become one with the sound.

I must admit that this happens very rarely, and most of the times it is so with only few of an artist's songs.
But! with "God Is An Astronaut" that is not the case.

Only once before, have I  listened to each and every song on an album, without impatiently skipping to the next, like I do during the first listen.
Their music can only be described as hypnotic, I could not skip a single track, the hold was just too strong. Only "Snow Patrol's" fourth album, "Eyes Open" had this quality, where you can just press play and forget about changing the tracks from there on.

Coming back to God Is An Astronaut. Their music is often described as Post-Rock-Instrumental. But I think that it can only be described as "Avant Grade" , perfect in every way!
Each of their songs is accompanied by a unique video and light show, which the band create on their own. They call it a "full audio video show", sadly, I was not able to find any good quality live performance videos of their's on youtube.

Here is a sample of their ingenious work.

"All is Violent, All is Bright" the person who made this video was a genius!!! It complements the song perfectly!

My personal favourite is "Suicide by Star", you have to wait for the end, when the progression to the double drums just knocks your socks off!

The video was compiled from the Sci-Fi Classic "2001: A Space Odessy", Excellent work, I must say!

This is a live performance of the same!

"Fragile" is one of their more popular songs, because it got extensive coverage on music channels. The video is a real heart wencher!

One of their more "Mellower" creations is "Frozen Twilight"

Here is a sample of what their live performances look like.

I hope you became an Addict, like me. 


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