Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: The Difference Between Crap and Real Music

Why do people listen to mass produced CRAP (PoP Music)?
This question nags me every time I see a Lady Gaga video or the Beiber bitch prancing around on music channels.
 I mean, whats the deal? Is it the Shock and Awe factor that makes people go gaga over Gaga or just plain old stupidity (brainwashing by money hungry music companies) or teenage peer pressure by Beiber Bitches? 

Sample this;

So, this is the song that made Gaga a millionaire!

And this, is Real music,

And this is an example of "versatility" that only real "musicians" (not freaks) with real "talent" possess.

I know its unfair to compare genres, then again, the atrocities that these freaks commit on my senses compel me to rant about it.
Now that its off my chest i can sleep peacefully tonight. 

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