Sunday, November 28, 2010

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: Phil Collins

The first thing that comes to most people's minds on hearing "In The Air Tonight" is "The Hang Over" , or the Dairy Milk Advertisement and those with a fine taste in cinema may be reminded of the movie "American Psycho" or the novel it is based upon.

With so many references in popular culture throughout the 80s, 90s and the present time, its not easy to overlook the vast amount of talent that this artist possesses. (Collins is one of only three recording artists (along with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson) who have sold over 100 million albums worldwide both as solo artists and (separately) as principal members of a band)

I first heard Collins on MTV one night, I was about 10 years old and came across the video for "Another Day In Paradise". That was it, been a Collin's fan ever since!

His most successful song,"In The Air Tonight" was revolutionary in terms of the style and sounds it introduced for the first time. It's a pretty depressing song, with its ominous sounds and restrained musical build up. Just check out the lyrics;

"Well, if you told me you were drowning I would not lend a hand 
I've seen your face before my friend 
But I don't know if you know who I am 
Well, I was there and I saw what you did 
I saw it with my own two eyes 
So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you've been 
It's all been a pack of lies"

The reason for this animosity was his divorce. Pain it seems, is an artist's greatest source of inspiration, besides, of course, love and all that jazz.
But all this fades when the drum solo kicks in, it breaks that long drawn out musical tension and just shocks the socks of your feet. And you cant help but do this every time you hear this song. Something like this;

When it comes to pain, I think one Phil Collins' song stands out: "I Wish It Would Rain Down"
When you combine Collins with Clapton you are bound to end up with gold!

"Against All Odds" is another great hit, with perhaps, one of his best lyrical performances.


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