Saturday, November 20, 2010

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: With a Little Help From My Friends

Those familiar with The Beatles would have guessed from the title what this post is about.
DISCLAIMER: All views expressed from here on are fictional and I am not responsible for anything that you do after reading this. (Devilish smirk)
For those who are not, the complete verse is "I get high with a little help from my friends"

Yes, its about that state of mind when one attains true enlightenment, the mind and soul become one, and one gets lost among the universal brotherhood of Marry Jane.

I believe that a "Trip" should start with something jovial and symbolic, and what could be better than the Beatles' classics, the ones that were obviously the result of an "enlightened" state of mind.
Like "Lucy in the sky with diamonds".
According to Wiki the genesis of the song was Lennon's son, "Lennon's son, Julian, showed his father a nursery school drawing he called "Lucy - in the sky with diamonds", depicting his classmate, Lucy O'Donnell." Lennon was obviously high at the moment.
(Just in case you didn't get it, think LSD)

"The Who" have a very good song which has just about the right combination of everything. One of their most famous songs "Baba O'Riely" also known as "Teenage Wasteland"

No "Journey" can be complete without a detour towards the land of "Pink Floyd"
Everyone has their own favourite, but mine is "Coming Back to Life"

While were here, we mind as well visit Led Zeppelin. Now this is where it gets weird, cause this song seems the same whether your "High" or not, such is the magic of Zeppelin (Jimmy Page, if you ask me.) Stairway to Heaven

Now, its time to meet The Man Who Sold the World. Although some prefer the original by Bowie, but I find Cobain's version more suitable for the "Tour".

When the Music's Over, all you can think about is Jim Morrison. Yes, the Doors' front man is perhaps the one person in history who would never be forgotten for putting on the best show that one can, after dropping Acid. You have got to see this unbelievable performance.

I'm afraid that this is The End, beautiful friend.

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