Sunday, October 31, 2010

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: Light It Up

Its that time of the year again, when we are bombarded from all fronts, be it newspapers, t.v.,or the internet, with wishes for a Happy Diwali. Its nothing more than two pathetic days of holidays, when multinational companies sort of force you to be happy and buy your way into debt. The festival lost its charm a long time ago.

Anyway the good thing is that all the movie channels bring out their best collection around this time, so don't miss World Movies' and Lumière's Diwali special programming.

Since we get plenty of those "Assorted" sweets and dry fruits as gifts, here is something similar from your's truly.

I have been lost in Indie and Folk for quiet sometime now, so I decided to mix it up a bit. I dont think that a lot of people might have heard of the Rev Theory , its not that famous, although they started in 2002, but they have some impressive Alternative Metal and Hard Rock music. One of my favorites is Light It Up. Now, different people have different interpretations of what they are about to light up, but, going with the spirit of the season, i would like to presume that its a fire cracker, and not Marry Jane, although that would be way cooler!

These guys are capable of something more that just Thrashing their guitars, listen to this, Broken Bones

Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Goth these make you cringe?
Well, There are bands that belong to this genre of music, and their musical talent remains severely understated. You will get what I mean to say hear, once you have listened to this song by the Eternal Tears Of Sorrow 
Here is the Melodic Metal version

and this is the Acoustic Reprise

 I think it really shows the versatility and deep understanding of music these bands have.
A fan posted this on Youtube
"It's like love spoken in words beyond comprehension to anything alive on this planet. Listening to this song i died and came back to life... thank u ETOS , forever gratefull..."

Ever wondered how often people use the word Rock these days, its like even the lamest thing either "ROKS" or "RAWKS", I mean misusing the word is one thing,but do they have to desecrate it by spelling it RAWK ?
It makes me mad, that people who think that Emraan Hashmi or Lady Gaga RAWK , don't even know what Rock is. (As you might have already guessed, that word is quiet sacred to me!)
Just to clear up what comprises rock, I present here, the ultimate Rock anthem, For Those About To Rock, by ACDC

I SALUTE the guy who wrote this comment :
"Lady Gaga is the worst excuse for music I've ever heard... AC/DC owns. He (she) should get a life"

Another ACDC song that gets me going is Back In Black

And whenever your on the highway

Nothing beats this one, as you head towards the promised land!

One of my favourite bands of all time has to be Poets Of the Fall, their music really is POETRY.
Their song "Carnival of Rust" helped me free a lot of people from the shackles of mass produced crap that they call Pop Music.

One of the best music videos of all time!!!
If your wondering, the accent is Finnish.

How I first discovered POTF is quiet interesting, I was playing this game Max Payne in early 2000s and in this one sequence, Max enters this room and a guy is playing "Late Goodbye" on the piano, I actually waited till he finished the song before shooting him. In the end they finally played the song with the credit roll. I played the last stage over and over again just so that i could listen to that song!

They are a pretty versatile band, one of their more Hard Rock songs is Lift, one of their earliest hits.

I heard this around 23 times in a row, or maybe more, it made me fly!

I remember where i was and what I was doing when I heard any of the POTF's songs, they were the first band that made me feel like an addict, you really cant get enough of their music!!!!

I think the following comments under this video I found on Youtube, sum up what I want to say.
"Poets Of The Fall:
Definition: An amazingly inspirational band that, even though unknown by most, has a great effect on anyone who listens to their music in a positive manner. People need to start listening to true music, music from a band like this. They will definitely become well known one day and very popular among the world.
Let us remember this band as one of the greatest, and hope they continue to make great music like this.
(I'd say pray but I'm an atheist :P)"

and the other person replied:
"Then I'll say it for you, fellow POTF fan. : D Music knows no boundaries, religious or otherwise.
I hope and pray they continue to make music like this. : D
POTF, forever."



  1. Thanks dude, nice to see people from Chile viewing this blog!!!!!

  2. melodic metal... thanks for introducing!!
    And this I must say is E-P-I-C :
    *Their song "Carnival of Rust" helped me free a lot of people from the shackles of mass produced crap that they call Pop Music.* :P

  3. Thank you, and so are you, since you support the sentiment.
    Remember its a war, and we loose everyday!!!!