Thursday, January 20, 2011

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: The Weepies

When they say that music connects and brings people together, they really do mean it. The Weepies, are perhaps, an ideal example.
Deb and Steve were independent artists who met through their music, made a band, and even got married. "The Weepies" came to the fore with their song "World Spins Madly On" in 2006.

It's amazing how easily one connects to their music.

"Nobody Knows Me At All", really brings out that alone-in-a-crowd feeling.

Then there is "Be My Thrill", best Indie Iv'e heard in a long while.
Check out the lyrics.
"Be my thrill, my little white pill, my unpaid bill, the one who will 
Be my love, my little grey dove, my push and my shove, my heaven above
And we tumble down like Jack and Jill, and I miss all of the joy you kill
But I love you still, be my thrill
Be my one, my day in the sun, my little pop gun, the best thing I've done 
Be my what, my open and shut, my everything but, my little hot slut
And every morning is like the one before
And everybody needs someone to adore
I'm counting on you
Oh baby say you will
Oh baby be my thrill
Be my youth, my kissing booth, my little sweet tooth, my beauty and truth
Be my thrill, my little white pill, my wait up until, the one who will"
This has got to be the ultimate Please-hit-on-me song of all time, great video too!

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