Sunday, January 16, 2011

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: Matt Costa

A few years ago I couldn't have imagined myself enjoying Indie Music, but now "I'm so Indie that it hurts".

Jack Johnson should be credited for creating some very good music, but their is another thing we should thank him for. That is, for introducing Matt Costa to the world.

He's been around for some time now, but I found him through a live Jack Johnson concert video, he was opening for him.

Costa has a good collection of Singles that have a pretty good rating, his first is also my favorite.
It first came out in 2006.

Its a typical "Broken hearted guy-trying-to-get-over-it" song, but I like the tune and the lyrics, they seem honest enough.

"Summers come and summer has gone 
Your Christmas cards cant comfort me
You've found new friends and tied all the ends
It's freezing in the loneliest winter"

Here's one that a lot of people would easily identify with, "Mr.Pitiful" 

"Oh Mr. Pit, oh Mr. Pit, Mr. Pitiful
Who let you down?
Who let you down?
Who let you down?

You still don't believe, you don't believe
You don't believe, and your grievances show
When your soapbox unfolds

But please come down from that cloud you're sitting on
I don't expect you to admit that you were wrong

I just want to know how you've been
It don't make me feel bad that we're still friends
Mulling it all over in my head
I hope that you see through your picket
I hope that you see through your big yard and white picket fence
To make amends
And still be friends, still be my friend"

Can this guy write or what!!!!

This one is an eye opener, it starts of nice enough, all innocent, but when it ends. It sort of leaves you with this haunting feeling of the inevitable.

Sunshine, check out the fantastic lyrics.

"I'd really like to tell you
Oh my sunshine
Even though your skies are blue
You're drying up my bed
How can I get any rest now?
Sha la la la la la la la

You will get the best of me 
Oh someday
Probably when I'm old and grey
I'm lying in my bed
And I will soon be put to rest now
Sha la la la la la la la"


  1. Dude... I just can't marvel enough! This guy is so amazingly awesome. And no a thank you would not do. But since, I have nothing, I will say thanks for keeping good music's flag flying high.