Saturday, August 7, 2010

Indie,Folk,Rock and Alternative: The Doors - "When The Music's Over"

The first impression is the one that gets you hooked to a band. In case of The Doors when I saw their live performance video of "When The Music's Over", it went something like this, "WHAT THE *@#%!!!!!!! did that guy just burp on stage?" I found out later that Jim Morrison was notorious for doing a lot of "other things" on stage too. And I was instantly hooked!

The almost poetic or as they say "trippin'" lyrics, combined with their jazzy rock music is probably enough to get   anyone "trippin" without using anything illegal (hopefully!) 

Ray Manzerek on the organ starts the song with a slow jazzy riff (the guy plays the organ with one hand and base on keyboard with the other,  both at the same time).
John Densmore on the drums gives a nice steady beat, perfectly complementing Manzerek all through.
Robby Kreiger is awesome on the guitar, he does an amazing 44 second solo and the vocals by Morrison send you to another level of existence. The scream at the start assures you that you are in for a journey to the other side.

"Before I sink 
Into the big sleep
I want to hear
I want to hear
The scream of the butterfly"

When he repeats the opening verse at the end you cant help but smile

"So when the music's over 
When the music's over, yeah 
When the music's over 
Turn out the lights 
Turn out the lights 
Turn out the lights 

Well the music is your special friend 
Dance on fire as it intends 
Music is your only friend 
Until the end 
Until the end 
Until the end!"

Truer words have never been heard since!

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